I'm Chara!
But you can call me X!Chara, XTALE!Chara or Cross!Chara
In this Page I'm apparently in the Phantom form (whoops 4th wall)
My AU is destroyed by one big dumbass
He calls himself "cross"
He is a Sans
I'm not in good terms with him
I try my best to get in control of his body;
Oh! I didn't tell you did I?
Cross sealed my soul with his body...
I can posses him if he's sleeping or passed out

I can use big knifes and Overwrite
When I'm in my X-Event Form
In my phantom form, I'm basically an useless Ghost...
I had a brother
His name was Frisk
He got killed by Cross
Like everyone else in my AU
H i m

That's all I can say
Have fun or shit
(XTALE does NOT belong to me!
Owner: Jakei95 (Tumblr, I think)/ JakeiAnimations (YouTube) or Jael Peñaloza)


Hi! I'm...
I don't really want to give out my name, want to be anonymous.
I am not so much in the UT fandom by now, but still I did this;
In the past I was a cringy fangirl of Cross Chara...
But now I am in a relationship
So yeah-

I will try my best to keep Cross Chara Canon, if not

Have fun with this!

(Profile picture was made by ME! Don't use or repost without credit)
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Story by Cross!Chara
Ask Cross Chara! (maybe even dares!) by -_XChara_-
Ask Cross Chara! (maybe even dares...
Admin: THIS WILL BE FUN!!! XChara: *internal screaming*
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