"I'm not leaving you again."

Xu Shang Chi (徐尚氣) is the son
of the 10 Rings Leader, Xu Wenwu.
After the death of his mother, Shang
Chi went under brutal training that turned
the young boy into a trained assassin.
At 14, he was sent to avenge his mother's
death and he ran away from the 10 Rings,
to start a new life.

Living in San Francisco under the name Shaun,
where he became best friends with Katy and had a
quiet life.This would be his life for 10 years till his
father came looking for him. He would join forces
with his sister to try stop their father opening the
Dark Gate. During this battle, Shang Chi would be
given to him, as his father's soul was taken out
of his body.

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