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Dear Bullies
The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting make-up on hoping people will like her. The boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home. That guy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying. Put this on your profile if you're against bullying

Your skin isn't paper. So don't cut it.
Your body isn't a book. So don't judge it.
Your heart isn't a door. So don't lock it.
Your neck isn't a coat. So don't hang It.
Your head isn't a target. So don't shoot it.
Your life isn't a film. So don't end it

Throughout all my years of living, I've never met someone who wasn't important

If my life is going to mean anything, I'm going to have to live it myself

If I'm going to burn, I might as well be bright.

Humour was a good way to hide the pain

The worst type of crying is when you are laughing just to stop the pain

/ \
This Bob. Bob says Helloey

I follow back

This is an LGBTQ+ safe zone. If you are transphobic, homophobic, etc. kindly go somewhere else with your life, preferably far away. Does Hell work for you?

People are going to stare. You might as well give them something to stare at

I try not to think. It interferes with being nuts

Research shows 90% of teens would start crying if Facebook or Instagram was temporarily down. Put this in your profile if you're the 10% that would laugh in their face

ǝƃɐd ɹnoʎ oʇuo sIɥʇ ǝʇsɐd puɐ ʎdoɔ 'sʎɐs sIɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ ʇno ǝɹnƃIɟ oʇ ɥƃnouǝ ʇɹɐɯs ǝɹɐ noʎ ɟI

Single as a Pringle who doesn't want to mingle

Also RIP Queen Elizabeth II

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21abno21 21abno21 Sep 10, 2022 08:47PM
So the Queen is dead... I am they only that knows as I haven't seen a thing about it. But i just wanted to say that she will be missed soo yeah.
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