hi angels!!! 
          	reaching out to y’all again to clear more air. so, yes. I did delete my books. do I regret it? yes and no. I regret taking that story from you all who did enjoy them. but, as for me, I hated them. they were written when I was really young and I get so embarrassed thinking of them. which, I apologize for thinking of myself in the situation that concluded in the endings of my books. to add to that note - i still love bts and all the other amazing groups and artists I’d bond with y’all about, but being truthfully honest; I have fallen out since 2018 ish. I have no motivation to rewrite those books or to continue them up. 
          	I hope you all can understand and respect my decisions. as of now I have 2 more semesters of my schooling and I’ll have officially graduated college! 
          	thanks for always supporting me. 
          	go watch Spider-Man no way home ;) 


@95svmin plssss come back


@95svmin oh i see i get you! ive never written novels but i have been writing journals since i was 14 and i looked back on them at age 18 and i also feel quite embarassed reading through all the little things id write. i did really love reading the books of yours i did manage to read. i think it must have been last year or the year before. i havent been on wattpad in sooooo long but im back now and im thinking of writing some stuff


We understand and support your decision. Good luck for those 2 semesters and here's an early congratulations for graduating college! May good things find their way to your life as thanks for entertaining us with your wonderful stories ❤️


Heyy author, I absolutely love your books. They were one of the first books I ever read and they were all so awesome. I loved both Thighs and Biceps and wanna read them again. It's actually how my system works. I read those few books  again and again and again which I myself find very good, interesting and inspiring. I know that you are on hiatus and that those books will never be back but trust me, I assure you all your readers love those books. I wanna read them again. I obviously respect your decision but if there was just one last time I could read those books again, I would. I hope you change your mind and re publish them w/o editing them because those books are perfect the way they are and I love them the most, especially Biceps. I had literally recommended this book to sooo many of my friends and they all loved it a lot as well. I know I might seem too forceful and insisting but I just can't help it, my emotions are attached to those 2 books and I would do anything to read those books again.
          Thank you, 
          Your biggest fan who has read Biceps 13 times and Thighs 9 times.