Hi everyone! So sorry I haven't posted in a while - college has been crazy!
          	Please feel free to check out my new poem "Across the Lake" - I when lightly different in style today so let me know what you think!! :-D


Hi everyone! I haven't posted in a few weeks as I've been busy at college and I'm having my 17th birthday. 
          I'll be posting new content some point in the next week. I look forward to hearing all your amazing feedback once I get writing again  


@ALittleWritingCorner Damn girl 17 and you already in college? Giiirl you are hella smart also happy birthday ❤️


@ALittleWritingCorner oh my gosh! Happy early birthday, dearest love. ♥️♥️♥️


Hi, thanks so much for following me, but I really hope you can follow my main account instead @Kelladaisy113


@Kellladaisy2 thank you so much for following me hun. I truly appreciate it❣️


Hello my lovely friend,
          There are hundreds and thousands of languages in this world but there is only one language that can beat all others, and that language is “SMILE”. This is the only language that even a baby can speak. So keep smiling and make others smile too. Have a nice day!!