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 Hi Abby my name is kittenchompsky u are an amazing writer first of all and second I'm amazed by ur story. I write to I like to write novels children books fiction non fiction and horror and romance as well. Ive presently wrote a story but didn't finish because I got  stuck.I love to write books I want to publish my books one day.I'm disabled but that doesn't stop me from doing what I love to do most.write. I was inspired to write I think in my head and out side the box so to speak.I want to be a great writer one day. And for the whole world to read my books.theres a kids book that I want to write.called were effen its a story about a elephant who loves adventures but didn't start it yet.I dedicated that story to my three year old niece.she's amazing kid.well when ur not busy text me back or u can find me on instagram at hope to hear from u soon stay safe.and god bless u.bye

beautifulworkofgod I just read secrets worth killing for but I'm sorry I don't really understand something lyk 1) What actually happened to the girls? 2) Was the girl's death suicide or murder? If it was suicide why did they die? And it it was murder who killed them? 3) Did Evan really die? Please clear these if u feel that if u clear these will become spoilers then pls add me on snap and tell me about it. Thanks in advance!
          My snap is josnya_15