Hey It's Me. 
Yes, You read My Name Right, AbbysRippedUnderWear. Someone Had To Do It. And Someone Probably Did But Oh Well.
Also Yes, My Location Is In Fact The UnderWear Store For Abby, Because Her Underwear Is Always Going To Get Ripped.
Mrs.Girlie Girl Abby, Has Spent More Than What She Earns On UnderWear That Keeps Getting Ripped Over And Over And Over Again. Someone Has To Just Take All The UnderWear From Abby So She Can't Wear Any So They Don't Get Ripped.
And That Would Be A Win Win Because Mr. Harold Would Enjoy That, And Abby Would Have More Spicy Time. Which Yes, Means More Trauma And More Money, Not Because Of Harry Spoiling Her, Oh No, It Means More Money on WheelChairs For Her And Her Poor 😻 But That Means She Would Have Had To Have The Best Spicy Time Ever.
And Also More Therapy Talk With Rob, And Not About Her Trauma Dream With Harry Drowning Her In A Tub. It Would Be About The Trauma Her 😻 Has Gone Through Because Of Harry. That's A Different Good Type Of Trauma I Wish To Experience In My Life One Day. And Also, Poor Rob Would Have Trauma And Not From His Wife And The Things He Has Seen, But From The Talk With Abby, And Therefore He Would Need A Therapist. Wow, A Therapist That Turns Into The Patient.
I State My Case And I Rest My Case
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