I'll review the first five chapters of your book if it's fantasy/sci-fi, (or maybe even if it's not) just shoot me a message! 


Favorite authors in no particular order: Scott Lynch, Patrick Rothfuss, Brent Weeks, Evan Winter, Pierce Brown, James Islington, Tamsyn Muir, Joe Abercrombie, Robert Jordan

Current blurb for my untitled story:

A healer with a broken past.
A slave in a king's clothing.
A prince who sees far too much.

One will reclaim what was lost. One will squander that which has been gained.

The gods must rise again.


Zen wants nothing more than to fight the heretics invading from across the sea, but to get her revenge she must first evade powerful enemies and pass a grueling set of Trials.

Aedyn is pulled into a snarl of political machinations as rebellion sparks in the city by the sea. Can he turn the situation to his advantage, or will he stay tangled in Cellika's web of conspiracy?

Destin is the High Thegn's son and a captain in the Heratii army. He's competent, well-respected -- and utterly insane. He's learned to ignore the visions that plague his every waking moment, but a murder within his inner circle compels him to utilize every tool at his disposal to find the culprit. . . and that means delving deeper into his madness.

An epic fantasy for fans of Lightbringer, Age of Madness, and the Burning.
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