The name is Alice Blackworth. I am a magical spirit from the kingdom of Arteria!

Lol I wish :,)

My imagination was always wide as a kid. I spent too much time in my mind, captivated by things I see on TV and then trying to make my version of them. I'm enthralled by fantasy realms, and all the mystical characters I see whether on TV, in games or in books. I have taken a huge passion in writing since I was a child, and always jotted down my thoughts. However, I never considered actually publishing anything until now. And my friends encouraged me greatly to do so. They believed in me, and thus, I believed in myself.

Which is why I am more than excited to share my stories with all of you!

I hope you continue accompanying me with my journey. I guarantee you, you will have fun :)

Please follow @loveyourobsessions and support her. Her writing skills are absolutely amazing and her way of writing always leaves me hungry for more. She gives me more motivation to improve my skills. A dear friend I'm glad to have.
Please support both of us!

My books:

Ashes to a forgotten fire: TBA

My Twitter and Instagram: aliceblackworth

Stay tuned!
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