Hi I'm Alpha but you can call me AQ or Reyukey/Reyu. I have a vr account though i don't friend random people so let me get to know you first before you friend me first also make sure to ask before hand just to be carful. I also have a YouTube channel though I rarely ever post. I mainly make digital art. I also write story's and try editing stuff though I'm kinda bad at editing and drawing. Most of the book covers for books I make are mine or are off of google. I love music and hate loud annoying sounds. I'm Bisexual but I think I'm still kinda questioning. My pronouns are they/them but I also use he/him. I also have OC's that are based off fandoms I'm in. I make gacha videos and texting story videos im still working on a few things though. I still have a whole lot of videos and stories that are going to come out soon! This is an LGBTQ+ safe place. My otp is crossmare and Cream. I am in a lot of fandoms mainly undertale and countryhumans but I'm also in some like fnaf, south park, and mcyt. My mood shifts a lot so I might go from different fandoms a few times but I'm still in those fandoms. I have ADHD (its therapist diagnosed so im gonna check with my doc to see if it actually adhd (i sure it is) or if its something else) and I get Distracted easily by things. When I can or want to I will make books and I write books a lot. Though I have school so it will take some time for me to get some things done. I am taken but don't mind small simple flirts if it's a joke nothing can be serious because I'm in a relationship. I like memes. Most of my books are given to me by random books I've read or seen or from music I've heard I love reading and writing so I will try my best to make whatever I'm doing be the best It can. I am always looking at the comments of my books so feel free to talk to me if needed I'm always here to help with anything. See ya in a book my Guy's, Gal's, and Nonbinary Pal's.
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The Syrum Of Truth (DreamSwap) by Alphaqueen2008AQ
The Syrum Of Truth (DreamSwap)
The Justice reign and the meme squad had been kidnapped for an experiment by a scientist skeleton named ørəøn...
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The Scarred Lamnia And His Master by Alphaqueen2008AQ
The Scarred Lamnia And His Master
Hey Peeps How are you? Btw happy Thanksgiving everyone. It's been a pleasure writing stories for you peeps. H...
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Sans aus request book ⚠️⚐︎■︎ ♒︎♋︎♓︎⧫︎◆︎⬧︎⚠️ by Alphaqueen2008AQ
Sans aus request book ⚠️⚐︎■︎ ♒︎♋︎♓...
Hi I am new to writing stories on Wattpad but I am a great story writer so I will try my best with stories. 《...
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