Hi! I am a human who dislikes the T&C that come with "adult-ing".
Well except for the fact that no one can judge me for eating an entire tub of ice cream or a pizza on my own at a single sitting....... or finishing a whole bottle of wine in like a week or two.
Ok, so maybe you can judge me but, I honestly would not be the slightest bit bothered.
Ok so maybe I would feel bad, but meh!

There are few things I love more than Ice-cream & Wine.
For example:-
~Marvel (Loki deserved better!)
~ Harry Potter (If you said it in Draco's voice in your head, give your house 10 points)
~Doctor Who (Donna Noble was the best friend anyone could ask for!)
~LOTR & TH (I honestly have nothing to say, because of how amazing they are. I mean would you look at Bilbo's adorable little face!!)
~FOOD!! (huge fan of that)

Well that's all about me, just a simple person who loves food, cats and books.😄
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