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If you have the Unison League app... You can msg me @Ashiroji! I am a freelancer, main class is lancer, and I am currently wishing for my best friend, Ikiryo, to come back.

Reads:Bring happiness to the author...
Likes:Bring pride to the author...
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#1 book: (May change from time to time, and my personal opinion)
-The Strength of Humanity (Naruto)

Favorite fanfiction subjects:
(I am a story critic, so if you ask me to read your story, I can criticize and offer advice. However, I won't play nice, so don't get butthurt.)
-Ouran HighSchool Host Club (OHSHC)
-Black Butler

Best Friends:
-Ikiryo @UnisonLeague (best friend, gone missing for months ;-;)
-Kat @UnisonLeague (kinky best friend)
-Zandac @UnisonLeague (average dorky kinda guy)
-Illusion Fox @UnisonLeague (best friend in school until 7th grade, moved away)
-Serena @UnisonLeague (un-describable)
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