Hi, Audenzias! How have you all been? I miss you all and I miss writing. Maybe some of you missed my updates too. It's been a while. I've stopped writing since July, and it's because I've been very busy in face-to-face classes. There are times that I don't really use my gadgets after I get home. Classes these past few months have been very tiring, and I'm still adjusting to managing my schedules. I'll be gone for I don't know how long, but I'll comeback, and maybe when I do I'll be more knowledgeable and focus in on writing my stories. To Audenzias, who's on the same page as mine, we'll get through senior high school! Continue focusing on your studies until we get the title we all want. Thank you so much. Ad majorem dei gloriam.


@Audenziatic take your time Ms. A, I miss you na den kahit sa twitter... I'll always support you! Please always take care 


@Audenziatic don't worry po, we will wait for you. And i really love your story po so much!! 


Sayang nakakabitin Ang love story Ng yael at cleofa miss author nabitin ako din s la Isang special chapter nya dun sa reclaiming property sayang Wala Sila story parang anganda pa Naman Ng kwento kaso Patay na sya posibleng magkaroon pa huhuh


I miss reading scars of the burden so muchh. Author pakibalik napo hehehe after a month ngayon lang po ako ulit bumisita sa page niyo hoping na bumalik napo ang scars of the burden pero wala parin po pala,ok lang po kahit abutin pa ng ilang months or year hihintayin at babalik balikan kopo kayo ulit