It's a quarantine miracle: Flightless Bird hit 1 million reads!


@AudreyHornesHeart  Now you're at 5.1 Million! I just finished reading Flightless Bird for the first time about 10m ago and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! I'm glad it was different than a classic love story.


@AudreyHornesHeart  3.9M and still continuing <33 ( as it should)
          	  Never have i ever read something as beautiful as "flightless bird" ( except "Victorian boy" of course because i think both the books are equally amazing )
          	  i  can't find enough words to describe both the books tbh ..  hope you continue to give us such amazing stories :)))
          	  P.S : I'm sure half the reads are from me hahaha


Hi. I just wanted to let you know that your writing is impeccable. It took me on a Rollercoaster of emotions and imagination.
          I've just finished 'Flightless Bird' and I'm grateful for crossing paths with it. It's a chilling but beautiful piece with intricate and thoughtful ideas all brought together to form a book with so much meaning and power.
          Thank you for writing it and letting me experience it.
          Please do come back, you're an amazing talent!


@Karissa2507 And I don't normally respond to Authors about their books but this book won me over. I had to tell. 


Hi, I totally fell in love with your books, you're really talented. I'd like to ask if I could translate your books into Czech, because these books are masterpieces and everyone should read them. Love your work❤️