Hello please follow me. and im so sorry but i got school and i have no ideas how my book can get better, so if you have any requests then you can coment.. I am 13 and if you wonder why I allways put diagnoses in my stories then I am gonna explain it to ya. I personally can relate more to the story and I can't find many people that have written stories like with Adhd and Autism and all that. I can relate because I have both adhd and autism. and i want to like inspire people to do more fanfics with that topic. and don't forget that all people with adhd and autism are different from person to person. many people might think that because I am 13 that i shouldn't write about the stuff i do write about. but i think it's important for people to see that every human being is different and that just because they smile through the day, that at the same time they overthink about something or they might even think about what happened to them at the bus stop the other day. i am truly sorry if i wrote to much i am awake every night even tho i need to sleep so... yeah. and i get new storie ideas all the time and every day. I love to talk and share things and i get hyper when im exited because of my adhd so bare with me is i start twenty other stories just because i don't want to forget the idea.. stay safe and if you ever feel down or unloved just take in those words. Y O U A R E B E A U T I F U L  A N D L O V E D Y O U J U S T N E E D T H E R I G H T T A L K R E M B E R Y O U R O C K I N T H O S E C L O T H E S ... I DONT KNOE IF YOU CAN EVEN READ THAT SENTENCE BUT YEAH LIKE I SAID ADHD CAND BE HARD SOMTIMES,
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Ryan: she is a orphan with anger issues and autism. she lives in an orphange where other kids with diagnoses...
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DISCONTINUED: Alexandra Andersson or Alex as her best friend calls her. she is 12 years old and are living...
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Riley is an 13 year old girl that lives in an orphange. She has been through more than any other ordinary kid...
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