Hello human strangers! I'm Azrael, a young human who wishes she wasn't human. I love reading fantasy and sci-fi books, but I don't mind reading fan fictions too. Most of what I use Wattpad for are roleplays. I'll do a fandom roleplay, or anything from fantasy and sci-fi, and even stuff like BBC Sherlock. 

I hate being human. Humans are so... dull. Or at least the ones we're around. They're already trapped on the ground, why do they trap each other in social and emotional situations? I'd much rather be a bird, or a humanoid bird. Maybe a harpy, that would be cool. I'd love to fly, to soar miles above the ground and watch as the world passes bellow. But logically I know that if we were all harpies, the social and emotional cages would still exist. Just in a different way. Then I would be longing for the ocean. To dive beneath its depths and find shelter in it's depths. But the cages would still follow. And the cycle would continue. Maybe it would be best if there were only a small group of winged people. But then we have government experiments and all that horrible stuff.

If you haven't realized by now, I tend to ramble on about different things and end up in a completely different place than we started. It makes my conversations interesting, to say the least.
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Oh god oh god oh god. The crimes of grindewald destroyed my view of everything that is considered cannon. I won’t be able to sleep. I have to think. I have to figure it this puzzle. Oh god. Oh god ev...
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My OC book.  by Azrael_the_raven
My OC book.
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Outfits for my OCs.  by Azrael_the_raven
Outfits for my OCs.
I got annoyed by having to track down all the links to the pictures I went to use. So I'm making a book.
DEAD!  Camp Olympus RP (continuation of Demigod orphanage.) by Azrael_the_raven
DEAD! Camp Olympus RP (continuati...
The gods are saved and as there reward all the surviving demigod's where taken to the new camp called Camp Ol...
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