Hello there fatty,  welcome to my profile. 


->1% Annoying
->2% Boring
->3% Insecure
->4% Petty
->90% FAKE

I love drama. I'm a messy bitch who lives for drama.
I'm probably one of those extra gay guy. I love being extra.

Things i love the most:
->Gay porn
->Hot daddy
->Wattpad, etc

Favourite artist
->Lady Gaga
->Lana Del Rey
->Marina and the diamonds
->Miley Cyrus

Men i would love to sleep with :
->Zac Efron
->Colton Haynes
->Scott Disick
->Jason Derulo
->David Beckham
->Nick Jonas
->Chris Evans
->Robert Downey

Iconic things I'll never get over with :

->Kylie Jenner lips
->Lady Gaga meat dress
->Kim Kardashian ass
->Mariah Carey "I don't know her"
->Miley Cyrus tongue
->Paris Hilton "that's hot"
->Demi Lovato twins Poot Lovato
->Bella Hadid new nose
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