Are you writing any new books for us?


hey everyone , wanna check out my first story ? this is about an virus outbreak that occurs in a developed city. let's check my story out by click this link https://www.wattpad.com/story/272315295-the-undead 
          happy reading <3 and dont forgot to vote , comment my story if u like it and u can also give me advice about story and u can request what story i'll write next :D




Greeting, I’m Mystic and I host a book podcast and I would love to post a review of you novel as an episode within my podcast. I am currently looking to new material and fresh new works of art to display on the podcast called Mystical Mode. Also if you wouldn’t mind I would like to do a separate episode or bonus feature with a small interview from with you on the podcast.  I want to hear a little bit about you writing experience and more if your willing to share.


Hey umm, i don't know how to word this but i'll try my best.
          I really love your books, and i wish i could know more about the story and environment in the wonderous world of 'Radioactive Evolution', because i'ts one of the best books and i love it.
              -long time reader


Do you have any tips or advice on how you managed to get so popular?