It's official! :) 
          	"A Hunt of Wolf and Sheep" is now live and I have posted the first 4 chapters. Here's the link:
          	I hope you enjoy! <3


@Bemythyst I see. I thought my apps going bonkers. Looking forward to reading it. Thank you so much for responding.


@a_mere_reader Hello! :)
          	  I actually took the story down which is why the link won't work. I have decided to rewrite it--tighten up the plot and all that--before moving forward.


@Bemythyst I think somethings wrong with my app. I can't access the link, I feel sad.


Girl you NEED to get this published pleeaaase  it's rare that I'll reread a book more than 2x, but I've read this at least 5x now. . . I can only imagine if I had a physical copy 
          Beast within the Beauty is an absolute masterpiece and I I'll never get over it *chef's kiss*


There haven't been many books that have had the kind of impact 'Beast within the Beauty' had on me. I loved reading this book. I fell in love with characters and could feel their emotions. And the way the characters developed so beautifully. When i started reading the book, i had expected it to follow the classic Beauty and the Beast storyline but the ending really surprised me. It wasn't the ending that i had expected nor the one i really wanted cause don't we all love happy endings? But it's an ending that i believe was truly perfect. Thank you for writing such a great book. I hope you write more. :)


Hi I’m a really big fan of your work and I was wonder if you would be able to do me a favor. I’m looking for a Dracula untold fanfic and was wondering if you would be able to write one. The only ones I’ve been able to find are either ones with tragic ends or they sadly are never finished. If you can would you be willing to write one? You would not only be making me super happy but probably a lot of other people as well. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to read some more of your work.


This is a story that I needed now. It let me travell to a fantasy land to an enhanted castle, it give me hope and a really great dinamic between two interesting characters, but at the same time it break my heart. Into tiny little pieces. But it was perfect. (Not another wattpad story, that everyone just cross and read, it was like reading a real book)
          I love that the female was a strong, clever, independent women with hidden fragile side. She not fall for the first time to the Beast, and she not let herself manipulated. I like it that you  not write a true cruel beast, he was witty, charming, but lonely. I like the plot twist and the ending it was more real and uniqe this way. I like the backstory of the curse and the evil roses. 
          So thank you for this amaizing story. I hope you get published.
          I am really looking forward anything you will write next. 
          Also Im a bit curious that who was the people you portrayed the two main character ? :)
          With love,


Heyy, just wanna say i so love the beast within the beauty .it is like anything i have seen before. Thanks for showing us such work of art. You really need ti get dat book published


Lemme just say. BEAST WITHIN THE BEAUTY IS *CHEF’S KISS* (though I currently threw away a bunch of crumpled tissues and will most definitely wake up with swollen eyes) IT MAKES ME WANT TO JUMP INTO THE STORY AND LIVE IN IT. It was super captivating from the very beginning because of: 
 you started it 2.How you wrote it (the writing is amazing) 3.The plot 4. PLOTTWISTS 5. How you got us sobbing our eyeballs out 6. The super bomb threats of Ismae SO THANK YOU FOR WRITING BEAST WITHIN A BEAUTY