❤H-hi w-welcome t-to my b-bio❤

Dere: yandere



Gender: f-female

Sexuality: B-bi

My shy buddy friend: @Universal_King

Friends: @smolboyj8, @DeadlyGrim, @becca170104, and @70m0s55

Dom or sub: sub

Relationship status: taken

Name: ... yeah not telling you

Nicknames: Sam, Sammie, Sam Sam, Buttercup

Height: 5'2 (yeah I'm short 😑)

Age: still not going to tell you

Middle name: 😑 go away

Last name: do you have something better to do?

Birthday: ... *sighs* read my profile name... it tells you

Crush: one

My best friends: @bonnie453, @Shadowman5858, and @colbsssss

Likes: books, staying out of school, creepy things, ghosts, anime, food, coke cola (I'm addicted to it), scary movies, cartoons

Dislikes: people, fake friends, my life, fighting

About me: I like to draw, sleep

Species: werewolf

Wattpad stuff
Brothers: @Morris9476 and my special brother @Johnoliver291
My bff: @bluefitr101 she's my first bff neko, I love her (in a friend way) don't hurt her or I'll destroy you
My dad: @yelllowrin
My first bff: @Sugacookie_25
My mom: @http-cloudy
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