Hey guys :)
          	First of all, I’d like to say that you all have no idea how much I appreciate every single one of you. The love you guys show me makes me tear up EVERY damn time I think about it. Every message you guys have sent me has warmed my heart- even though I haven’t gotten around to answering all of them. I’m sorry that I’ve been absent :(
          	Long story short I had some things happen, got knocked on my ass a bit, but now it’s finally time for me to finally recenter myself and return to writing (and myself).
          	So, I’m back bitches ;) let’s make some magic.
          	Love you all more than life itself- I can’t even put my love for you into words. Expect a few updates this week <3
          	(I also just made a tik tok account if you’re interested lol- @brielladiamond)
          	Stay absolutely beautiful,




Briella, are you dead? It's been a year!!
          I rlly hope ur okay!


@Strawberry_moo_cow Like im really scared now she is the authour that made me love wattpad when i joined
            P.S: this is my second account lol


I think she forgot abt us...


Hey Bri hope you're doing okay we all love you so much and we would like to see you writing again I love the hopelessly devoted series and I hope you update on the ice-cream pact cause it is a beautiful story love you 


I love hopelessly devoted it is amazing! One of the best I have read on here! I was wondering if you were still planning on finishing Beautiful but Deadly? It looks really good! Hope your doing well!! xxx