Hi I'm Cam but you can call me what ever you want too

- I'm bi, yer that's right
- I love chocolate, seriously but i cant eat much >.<
- I'm cocky, yer boy
- I'm awesome, yer i am
- I'm crazy, mentally >.<
- Yes, I'm a guy, yer boy i am
- I speak whats on my mind, i will
- I will take over the world one day, with evil Ryan
- I'm the crazyist person you will ever meet, true that
- I'm always thinking about sex, seriously i cant help it ;), I'm a guy what do u expect
- I like to talk a lot, about anything so chat me up peoples, yer do it now.... PLEASE
- I'm seventeen, DAMN I'M OLD
- I'm 5'9, I'M SHORT :'(
- I street fight
- I street race
- I street dance
- i play heaps of sports
- I'm single
- I love screamo and heavy metal
- I love you so chat me up
- I'm Batman
- Yes that is me in the pp
- I'm a massive flirt
- live in Australia
- I love to skateboard
- I love the surf
- I have 20 snapbacks
- I speak sarcasm. I'm fluent in it and its my second language
- I've been in jail once.
- I don't regret anything in my life that I've done
- I was Adopted
- I love music. You'll always see me with headphones in blasting
- I go to an all boys school
- Rarrrr, I'm a Bunny! Be scared!
- Emo
- I love Black Veils Brides, Blood On The Dance Floor and more shit like that
- I'm always hungry
- SKINNY JEANS <3 <3 <3
- My favorite color is purple and black
- My favorite number is 69
- I play drums, guitar, and sing
- And that is my drawing in the back ground >.<

Love You Bye Bye
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