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Hi there, thanks for following me!
          Hope you'll have the chance to check out my work. Here's a quick overview:
          'Back Home' will be a nice introduction. It's a short story with a dark twist about self realization and redemption.
          'The Odd Poetry Book - a journey into a dysthymic mind' is a deep dive into my dealings with life, dysthymia and love.
          My ongoing novel 'Hateful Brother' is an tale of angst teens trying to reconcile with themselves through error and love. It contains mature and bisexual content so be advised.
          Shadow excisions tackles the psychological struggle of a young man trying to deal with his sexuality while living in a bankrupted small town and trapped in abusive home.
          Anyway, you're more than welcomed to enjoy them, comment and share your thoughts.
          Hope we can exchange ideas in the future.
          Have a great day!


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