I will update Forgotten Princess at some point. I'm extremely busy with sorting out a house for my second year of uni so things are a little hectic at the moment.
          	Chloe xx


@ChloePJ tahnks hope it all.goes well with you ❤☺



It has the same title with her book


Ok, ummm hi!!!! I love your book, Birth Right, I had been looking for good mind reader stories. I love alex's growth and her relationship with alec. Hes so sweet and protective. I love their relationship honestly. 
          I just wanna ask about the sequel? just wondering if you can give me any hints on whats gonna happen *wink* 
          Nobody: did you just type *Wink*??
          Me: yea?.....
          Nobody: you are so weird.
          Me: And proud of it!!!  : )
          Btw, do you have an accent? It says on your profile that you registered from England so I was wondering if you had an accent? Totally random question sooooooo yeaa....thats it....byeeeee


Are you going to finish the forgotten princess? I just finished what u have uploaded and I’m eager to real more! :) love it though, got me really teary eyed a handful of times.