Lips like a blood
Eyes fierce through the night
Name me well
The thoughts are in there

I can see what you can't see
I can hear what you can't hear
I can feel what you can't feel
The shadow that you fear
Is near on its own will

Face forward
Trust the trusted one
Arrow that shoots the pain
Can ease all of your mistakes

Beast in the cage
Roaring until it breaks
Feel its pain
Before its too late

Run!, Run!
Ride or Die?
Why bother to hide?
I can find you tonight

Demon's free!
Be ready!
its eyes are everywhere!
it will devour you!
No one can see!

I can't feel the pain
why? i must be crazy
I was born to be loved
But i feel nothing
Can't you see?
Piece of a broken vessel

I'm prisoner in my own mind
Chain in my own thoughts
Fantasizing my own Imagination
But i am Happy
Being just NOBODY
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