Me: *Sigh* Busy busy busy always busy. Hmm? *Look at you break the fourth wall* Oh I didn't see you there, I'm haven't been doing a long time of this. This is the first time I made a book since July of four months ago.

????: Oi!
*I look at him and it's Y/N L/N*
(Y/N): I hear you making a new book for the first time.
Me: Yes, I haven't been done this a long time ago.
(Y/N): Oh okay, just checking how's everything okay and-
????: Oi!
*Me and Y/N turn heads around and it was none other than*
Me/(Y/N): Adam Taurus
Adam: I hear you making a new book for the first time.
Me: Yes, I decide to make a book, but I wanted to say something...I'm feeling sad for Faunus due to to.....only Racism/bastard Jacques/Whitely Schnee for being a Tyrant, but Weiss who been forced by so-called "Father and Brother" for causing her lonely and depressed.
(Y/N): If you haven't noticed, I have no memories in the past, I'm only here to protect all Civilizations including Faunus on Remnant.
Adam:...I suppose so....I'll be myself out
*Adam left to Remnant*
(Y/N): Yeah I'll be myself out too.
*Left to Remnant and Verse while traveling*
Me: *Sigh* Back to busy again *Busy stuff*
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