Hello everyone! Its been a while sorry its been so long.
          	As some of you know I got a job back in January and well Covid kind of messed things up. I am a teacher and am currently teaching virtual which has been very time consuming plus I'm studying so I haven't been able to write much. I have not abandoned any stories yet I just haven't had the time. 
          	However, good news! My university classes end in about two weeks and the school year finishes at the end of November so I'll have much more free time to write. Meaning the stories will be updated again
          	Thank you for your patience. I'm a bit stressed and overwhelmed but getting back to writing will be a breath of fresh air.


@Crys_Tells We are waiting for you for as long as you need! Good luck author! 


@Crys_Tells omg i read he's a merman but it's unfinished TT
          	  Pls take ur time updating when u can


@Crys_Tells i loved ur ff the king likes men
          	  I just finished it and omg it was the best namjin ff i've ever read. Thank you for creating a materpiece <3


Hope you are having a good day if not, I hope it will be better. Just dropping by to remind you how amazing of a writer you are. Your stories literally taught me a lot of things and made me feel too. I will drop by again once in a while! Have a lovely day! 


Hello! I know you’re probably busy (I read a comment that you’re in college), but I had to ask this. I’ve been reading The King Like Men for awhile now and really enjoy it. I typically write queer short stories (started for school contest) and I got inspiration from The King Likes Men for a story. I want to post it on Wattpad because I think I’m gonna miss the deadline but I enjoy writing it. It will be titled The King Likes Me(n) which is obviously very close to yours, but besides being a mlm love story between a King and some man there isn’t much resemblence. Are you okay with me making this story? No matter what if/when I post it you and your story are credited in the description. Sorry for such a long message.


BEFORE YOU COMMENT ANYTHING ELSE! Please understand this Author is a college student. I’m assuming they are at a PhD level because they are currently writing a thesis. As someone who has watched her own mother go through this tiring and stressful process it’s going to take while to finish and get right. We want this author to have the best grades possible, so please be patient and stop spamming this section. We all miss them, but they are focusing on more important things right now. Please be respectful. 


@the_one_and_only2020 plss take care of yourself author