I love reading. 
I love fashion and Elle magazine.
I love old movies and books.
I think 50 Shades of Grey is AbSoLuTe CrAp.
I love rainbows and unicorns and fairies.
I'm 16 and I intend to be 16 until I decide to stop.
I love basketball. My favorite words are Uxorious- having great love for ones wife. Serendipity-the knack for finding fortunes accidentally.
I hate pointless drama.
I can't fly.
I have a lot of amazing ideas but I don't follow through with them.
I love to sing but I can't carry a note to save my life.
I love Prince(the singer).
I strive to be Amazing.
I'm outrageous.
I'm spectacular.
I love the Muppets.
I love Winnie the Pooh.
I have no intentions of growing up.
I have a Mango tree named Miriam.
I dabble in Spanish, speak a lil Italian and know a tad of German.

...Looking back this profile is hella cliche...but I'm too lazy and sentimental to change it.

*update, that mango tree dead af
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