Happy New Years everyone!


@DarinCaffine This was the best short story book I have ever read.
          All the chapters were so deep and well written<3


Story will blow ur minds...
          Life, powers, creatures, nations and DRAGONS... 
          All defrent in a whole magical world.. 
          **  ... A fictional story in form of mystery, action and adventure hope u like it...  **


Hi am new in wattpad and I love your short stories .pls can you check out my writing ,love u. thanks


          I noticed your impeccable account and would be honoured if you read and commented on my book, Emily Lee Three Day Mystery,  which is a leading mystery and thriller short story on Wattpad. It will change your perspective on mystery forever!  Do recommend it to Sci-Fi enthusiasts if you enjoy it. <3
          P.S I can't wait to read Embracing The Fall! 
          Have a lovely day!  


Hey guys, hope you all are doing well. I would really appreciate it if you read my book 'Isabella Parker and The Journal Of A Ghost'. This is my very first book and I would love to get advice on my book as it will improve my writing skills. This is just a part of much more work that I want to upload. Here's the link to my book.