@Mathartist1 I'm afraid I'm not going to be writing a sequel. I don't really want to over-do the book since so much happens in it anyways, and I don't really have any ideas if I was going to do one


@DeathxDemon there's 38 chapters here but on novelful there's so many more. Is the book continued there? Or is it the same?


Hi! I just finished reading blood shades and I have to say, it is AMAZING.The plot is interesting especially about finding her mate by getting her blood checked. I love, love, love Leera's personality and comebacks. I'm curious about who are her parents.. Is there going to be a sequel or something??


I know you said you weren't going to write a sequel, but the way you ended the book leaves you with tons of questions. for example did she find her parents, does she graduate, and get married and have kids. We need more to the story and I know I will definitely read the sequel.