That book provokes us to reflect on our own existence and the meaning of life. It attempts to unravel the mystery that surrounds us every day but which we rarely contemplate.

          The book touches the deepest chords of our consciousness and awakens our most hidden thoughts and feelings. It urges us to ponder our own mortality, the significance of our actions, and how we utilize our time on Earth.
          If you are ready for a deep dive into a mysterious and beautiful world, full of wisdom and revelations, then "What death does not tell" is your choice. Open its pages and allow yourself to immerse in the depths of philosophical reflections and understand what lies beyond the darkness, what death itself keeps silent about.


Hello, you have a great writing style that is worth reading, so if you are free, I hope you and everyone who is reading my ad now will check out my novel, and I would be grateful to hear your opinion and constructive criticism on it, and thank you •_-