hey love! i know these messages are super annoying but i was wondering if you could check out my story “broken pieces”! i’m currently working on the second chapter. it would be wonderful if you could give it a read. have an amazing day!


Hi! I really love your book Cross The Line. I'm still reading it but it is really good!! I was wondering if you don't mind would you like to make me a book cover for my two books please? I really like your book covers. They're really pretty. 


Hi love! Thank you for the love. If you would covers you'll just to find what you want the cover for or give me ideas. 


Hello there! Thank you so much for adding The Study Partner to your reading list! It means so much to me, and I hope that you enjoy it :D Your feedbacks and votes will be very much appreciated if you don't mind as well :D


Hey! Thanks so much for fanning I really appreciate it! :) You are now officially an awesome person and do you know what awesome people get? > (:::) < A cookie! Yay! Enjoy your cookie and I hope you can read my stories some time! :D x