@Drarry_Donut hey do you even go on this any more of not then that makes me really sad because you have such amazing stories


Yeah this book was apparently removed from wattpad
          	  It was my fave drarry fanfiction called "prince of Valour" and I am very sad it was taken down. 


@Drarry_Donut the link won't work for me. What is the name of the book?


Hi umm I am a new reader but I realised you have not posted in like 4 years is everything ok?? So far I love your stories and I would suck if you committed suicide or died and I understand you will not ever read this if so but if you are alive but just moved on and will read this I love your stories. To summ it up cos I will be here forever I hope you are ok


This person may or may not have died. If they haven’t then, they must have moved on to a better life. We wish them well and do not dwell on the fact that we have lost a great writer these past four years. R.I.P or just ya know, live a great life or whatever. 
          Yours sincerely, 
          (And the rest of the people who read this)


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