Both of my advertisement books are open!
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          	I just updated my the Completed Edition today. 


Hello . This is a wonderful collection of works. Thank you for creating a space here to hold them all.
          Perhaps someday, my m/m collected tales will be among them. Have a great day. 
          Wattpad is an interesting platform, lol.


          I need some help in finding this bxb book in which there was a guy named Jack who was getting sexually abused by his sister husband since the age of 10. No one notices it until a guy comes along named Troy. He helps him and they become boyfriends. The last chapter I remember reading was Court trial. I remember the plot but not the title hence I can't find the book. It would be awesome if you could help me out!
          P.S I think the book was deleted because I remember adding it in my library to get notified for updates as it was ongoing book but I can't find in my library either :( but hey, there's no harm in still trying to find it, right? lol.


If I’m remember right it was called saving the broken 


Yes oh my god I’ve been looking for the author forever I thought I was going insane and it never existed, did you ever find the author?


Umm...Hi. I'm a kinda big fan on boyxboy fanfiction(mainly Phan, Drarry, Solby, etc. You get the idea). I'm also a person who rants on a daily basis. If you want, you came come over to my wall and rant the living Jesus out of you. I really don't care. Ok,bye