Random facts about me:
* I physically cannot read enough and I am always here to encourage writers.
* I am a wife, Mum to my beautiful baby girl, and a nurse.
* I am the 3rd out of 8 children in my family. I am a twin to my best friend and 1 of my 5 brothers. BTS reminds me of what it was like growing up in my house.
* I refuse to fight and believe that everything can be resolved with good communication, it's awful that the rest of the world is too narcissistic to hear a different POV.
* I actually have an English minor to go along with my nursing degree because I am also a nerd and love classic British literature and used to love writing myself.
* My first ventures into fanfiction was 100% Harry Potter and I am an old school DrArry shipper, lol.
* I am very eclecltic and love many things from many different cultures/genres.
* I discovered BTS in April 2014 while at university with a sweet girl from Korea, Amy I still love you for this! Since then I have completely fallen in love with BTS, and am 100% in love with all 7 guys.
* I can read almost any ship, depends on my mood, but I have found that I do have favorites: NamJin will always have my soft spot (they are Mom and Dad and fit me so well, lol!)
* I don't believe in ship-shaming, be nice or keep your comments to yourself.
* Biggest pet peeves on Wattpad: Hounding authors for updates, making rude comments about writing, authors demanding a certain number votes before releasing the next chapter, unfinished stories kill me- take a break & come back later (even if it's months) but finish it.
* Lastly... Most gay relationships are switch! Yes there are some where there is always a top/bottom, and there are some that are switch, but prefer one or the other do they usually stick with their preference, but sometimes they want/or are willing to switch for their partners happiness too. So for the love of all that is BL, please stop this generalization!!! Normalize switch fic please!!!
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