lol who tried to hack me 


@Emily_harley i found you through Jen —


Hi I read your book 'Suit and Tie' I really loved it. 
          I started a new book 'Anything' it's a BxB. 
          I would value your opinion.
          Please check it out, it's about a 16-year-old boy who's willing to go through extremes to get, 
          - his best friend to talk to him again
          - a date with the school’s player
          - closure 
          - revenge
          Let me know what you think.
          Would appreciate comments, advice, pointers, since I'm new at writing. 
          Thank you!


hello i am quite confused on ur book "suit and tie" in chap 2, his mom said 
           there's an almost 10 year difference, and he's 29. So his mom is like 19 or 20 smth?? then how old is his son??????
          sorry i reread it many times but yeah she really said it...


@yourdailyfujoshi_ Gosh you made me read the chapter so well for the third time. 
            She meant she is 39 and her boss is 29.