💚They think we don't know, so we act like we don't know, so they won't know, that we know what they don't want us to know.💜

The name's Enock.(Yeah, from the Bible. So I'm probably going to disappear soon to heaven and leave you bloody humans behind.) You can just call me E!

🇦 🇧 🇴 🇺 🇹 🇲 🇪
👉nerdy нoмo ѕapιen wнo ѕтυdιeѕ тoo мυcн and тrιeѕ тo wrιтe alongѕιde ιт.
👉laυgнѕ aт нιѕ own joĸeѕ вecaυѕe тнey are ѕo laмe no one elѕe wιll laυgн aт тнeм.
👉loveѕ мυѕιc lιĸe noтнιng elѕe ιn тнe world
👉нaтe lyιng lιarѕ wнo lιe
👉нaтe people wнo lιĸe тo pυll тнe diѕcrιмιnaтιon card. ι мean тнe world ѕнoυld вe one вιg ғaмιly!
👉needѕ ѕoмeone тo тeacн нιм lιғe'ѕ мore тнan aвoυт ѕтυdyιng and reѕearcнιng.(ѕo pм мe ιғ yoυ lιĸe тo вrιng oυт тнe ғυn ιn people.)

I'm very passionate about the stuff I write and so expect regular updates, and I won't leave any of my books unfinished unless I'm dead. have so many stories cooking in this brain of mine. Just need your support to be able to unearth them. So pour some love on my already published stories.
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Enockito Enockito Apr 12, 2022 07:58PM
400k on Adam's Eve finally! That took a while, lol. Thank you guys so much. The reads have slowed down for months now, but I'm grateful to everyone who has read this story and loved it.
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