Hey everyone! It's not that i wouldn't upload stories anymore but more of a 'i can't' problem since wattpad writing settings isn't working, I've been trying for days now so this isn't going anywhere. I have a very old Wattpad acc that i would be posting on now or tomorrow so if you like to read more you might want to be there?? I only uploaded a H story which is weird don't judge me and might be more? I dunno but i will continue uploading Book 3 of Cannon Fodder Little Husband [Quick Wear] since i like that one. No questions now just informing you all
          	See you in my other acc
          	Here's the H stories since i don't know how to link a acc
          	You'll recognize my uploading style there so HAHAHAHAHAHA see you❤️~


@Erishi_An  Same I use this old acc of mine since I forgot the password of my new account, we have same weird taste back then  I cant delete this libraries of mine gosh my teenage self is a mess


Does anyone know the title of a book that was about a male who was set to inherit lots of money in real estate I believe. I think I saw a short snippet at the end of one of Erishi_AB’s books but I can’t find it or remember the name. 


Do you know which novel this one is? I been looking for it for a long time. I know it is a novel and a manhwa or at least a promo manhwa. The MC is killed and reborn. He wants to get revenge on his cheating boyfriend and the mistress. He is a model. His boyfriend and mistress used him to model for the mistress. Now reborn. He proposely reveals that he been modeling for the mistress by using his gorgeous legs to model off a bracelet 


@CozyBlanket Sadly no, I looked high and low on my reading list but failed to find it 


@KuudeRei Oop yeah do u remember the title?


What's the name? I'm interested