Ayo im kinda gay tho ??


All of us bestie 


@EternalLaughter we are aware, you made creepypasta fanfiction 


Hello, my name is Raven and I was wondering if I could write a reaction to your book Cruel and Blue. It would be a simple thing where the side characters and some main character react to the story and it's future. I would be using the Characters from the time right before the book starts and they would try and figure out the story from there. I do want to point out the last the book is still completely yours, I will not be stealing anything from your book, you will get full credit, and you may change anything you wish of my writing as well as taking anything out that you do not like. This is your book not mine and I will respect that. Please get back to me soon, this is a very exciting project and while I wait for you to answer I will be rereading the book for a third time as to not get any information wrong. I will probably ask a few questions here or their if I do not understand something so I am not ruining the brilliant storyline. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful trilogy and I await your answer,