To everyone who reads my fanfics: I am terribly sorry but I won't update for some time bc I am in my final month if school and then have my a-levels/graduation/Matura so I will be fairly busy for two or three months. Sorry in advance :/
          	It might be that I find time to upload the things I have already written until now which would be parts of The Black Cat and some ohan fiction...
          	See you soon and love you all,
          	Talia ^^


@FairytaleTalia wait when will 'don't be sorry' continue cuz its been 4 years lol i haven't noticed-


@FairytaleTalia I really love your stories especially Ereri. I'll wait for your update Author goodluck!


@FairytaleTalia The 'Don't be sorry' book made me cry, a person who has not cried in years, finally cried all thanks to you!(I don't mean it as a bad thing lol) You blessed me and so many others with your wonderful stories! I wheezed when Levi smiled XD but still, keep doing what your doing! I know the struggle of being a writer on wattpad, I know believe me. Go check out muh stories (((Shameless plug XD)))