Are for the hopeless Romantics
Are for the Shippers
Are for People to Connect
Are for People to Relate
Are for the Book Worms
Are for the Non Book Worms
Are for when you are Sad
Are for when you are Happy
Are for the TV Addicts
Are for the Fighters
Are for the Lovers
Are for Everyone

To be old and wise, you have to once be young and stupid. ;)

Celebrities <3: Some story characters you might find on here...
Harry Styles
Logan Lerman
Jennifer Lawrence (adore her!)
Liam Payne
Luke Bryan
Louis Tomlinson
Niall Horan
Sterling Beaumon
Zayn Malik
Luke Benward
Tyler Oakley

Books I'm obssessed with at the moment!:
Dorthy Must Die by: Danielle Paige
Theres No Place Like Oz by: Danielle Paige
Wuthering Heights by: Emily Bronte (Favorite book of all time <3)

Authors/Poets whos work inspires me:
Shakespeare (obviously the greatest poet/play writer)
Suzanne Collins
Stephan King
Emily Bronte

Wattpad Books I LOVE TO DEATH:
The Boy In the Attic by: StickItStilinski (The Boy In the Cellar)
Friend Zoning Harry Styles by: krystal_payne (very first wattpad read ever!!! was amazing :))
Friends. by: Billieex
When We're 19 by: dayumstyles
Baby doll by: Wonderwall123
Hired for Styles by: fanficsforbabes
The Stepson by: 1d_jollygood
Mr. Brightside by: hiccupsoloud
The Fallen Angel by: hxrrysbxbee
Freak by: StevenClapp
Writer's Block (Poem) by: DroppedJem
The Boy That Saved my Life by: alyloves1direction
Once Upon a Time... Nothing Happened by: Korsakov
Mama by: demonicblackcat
Just to name a few :)

Wattpad Authors! Mostly a shout out to these few for inspiring me:
And so many more :) Including a special thanks to all my followers and readers!!

Enjoy this new FanFic Account!! Please, please, please give me some kind of feedback to tell me if this was a good idea! :) I hope it was.
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