Hello guys! I AM SO SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY IN THE UPDATE. I am travelling right now, just got off my flight and I have another one in an hour, I’ll post it asap I promise please bear with me! Thank you so much!


Firstly I'm very sorryy for posting hereee but Ive wanna share my book "on my way to mussoorie with him" this book deals with the grief of discovering the bitter truth about one of your parent and how you end up having trust issues from your closest person too . 
          Here is the link to my story : 

          Hello Dear Readers,
          I am excited to announce that I am venturing into the world of novel writing with my debut book, "Love With Mysteries."
          As a new author, your support and encouragement are incredibly important to me. Please show some love and help me on this journey, so I can continue to write more stories for you all.
          Thank you for being a part of this exciting adventure with me!
          Warm regards,


Hey Author! Sorry for posting this here but I am a new writer and needs support from you guy's it will so generous of you and your readers if you will take out some time to read my book. Do give it a try ✨
          Dark romance
          Wild romance
          A full rollercoaster ride
          Savage x Arrogant
          Ruthless mafia x sunshine
          A billionaire mafia
          Contract marriage
          Dominant possesive MMC
          Sassy bitch MFC
          When he hates her for years with her being oblivion about their past still
          He fell first and fell harder ✨


Hii guys!! 
          If you're bored then please do checkout my book.
          It's about two people with horrible and haunting past suddenly bumping into each other and falling in love after thousands of arguments and fights.
          Just when they were about to have their happily ever after,the fate turns upside down leaving them devasted.
          Will they be able to continue their happily ever after or something traumatic will happen? 


Hi Author,
          Your story Regal Reunion is so beautiful. The story is so nice , that makes me read it repeatedly. Please update it . Eagerly waiting 


@Fantasy_writess truly it is author pls waiting for next update