First off, if we're friends, you can call me Alex, friends meaning we are following each other, if we're best friends, you can call me Shelby, best friends meaning I've at least asked to vent to you, or I know you irl, or we've sang 'emo' songs together. Now that that's over... Umm... I'm a weird stalker that loves anime, cartoons, TV shows, and all that, I absolutely love Dan and Phil, I ship Phan, but as long as they are together, I don't care if it's platonic or romantic. I also love HU. I am part of the Undead army. I love MCR, and if you G-note me, I will go insane. I love MatPat, and his wife Steph, their relationship is adorable, though I also ship Matt with Nate. Also, I love NateWantsToBattle. I adore Jacksepticeye, and I aspire to be like him... but the girl version. Also, I have 9 Truth or Dare fanfictions for different fandoms. Please check them out if you can. I also have one actual fanfiction, it only has a few chapters as of now but I would greatly appreciate any advice or like... constructive criticism... Or feedback if you have the time or help. And I have stories I made in school. Please read my stories. Thanks. Byes. Also, please read my actual fanfiction and give me super suit ideas. 

Dear Bullies,

•See that person right there? The one you called fat? They're starving themself and lost over 30 pounds.
•The one you called stupid? They have a learning disability. They study 6 hours per night.
•The girl you called ugly? She spends over 3 hours doing her makeup.
•The one you called a (cry)baby? You would be crying if your mom died a few days ago.
•The one you just tripped? I think they get abused enough at home.
There's a lot more to a person than you think.
Put it on your profile if you are against bullying. I bet most of you won't, but if you're part of the minority that do, I applaud you, you are a good person in my mind.
  • I'm in Hell, chilling with Satan, listening to MCR.
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I'd just like to say, I got a boyfriend. And it's my Senpai. And those of you who have Senpai's will know, this is a great feat. Those who don't have Senpai's, it's like getting someone way out of yo...
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