Peter x OC Chapter 1 is out!!


Hey I was reading your my property Doctor strange ex reader book and you didn't give it an ending I was wondering if I could continue the book and give it an ending, respectfully and with your permission of course :)  I'm basically asking if I can finish the book actually have some pretty good ideas for it. If that's ok with you :)


Peter X OC prologue tomorrow or the Saturday? Btw if you don’t know the OC I’m writing about, read a bit of my Ironman’s Daughter fanfic. She’s written a bit differently now and isn’t Tony’s daughter but it’ll give you a good reference.


Hey, guys! I haven’t been active in almost 2 years, but I have a question: I don’t plan on finishing My Property as it is right now. It wasn’t well thought out and I have no idea where to start or finish the series. There are also several things in there that are not ok, and now that I’m older, I realize that. I apologize if I ever made any of you uncomfortable with my content. Now, the question is: would you prefer me to just tell you the ending without the story, or reboot it? Also, I would like to start a Peter Parker x Reader pretty soon. Would you guys like that as well? Post under this comment please and have a great day!!  :)


@Han7aSilent7 hi! I would love to read a reboot of the story but if you feel uncomfortable writing it then that's understandable, also I would love to read a Peter Parker x reader from you, your writing is amazing! Have a nice day :)