Hope you are doing well. 
          I hope I didn't disturb you and sorry for spamming your message board. If you are accepting reading requests, I would request you to kindly read my story "Marriage Contract Or a Love Proposal"
          Hope you'll like it. Also do vote and feel free to leave comments. 
          Thank you for your time and consideration.


Hey dear ...first of all thanks a lot once again for taking my message in such a positive  stand. .. actually i was afraid to say it coz i thought you might think i am trying to meddle with your yess i loved the way u penned the note making your vision towards the plot more clear and believe me my likeness n respect towards you has increased to many folds. Will be hoping a lot of good work from you in future ....wish all the very very very best sweetheart. Its so nice to know that i follow the work of such a beautiful person. 
          PS: i hope am not getting a lot of bash. I too will love to see the gradual change in the personalities of our main leads be it female or male .


@pihhhuu There's no need to thank tbh as I did what I should've. I loved the way u were clear about what u had expected and truthfully told me! Your points were genuine but again as a writer/author I can't meet everyone's expectations and have decided to go forward with the plot I have thought, hope u understand ❤️
            And I'll surely keep ur and everyone's suggestions in my mind✨❤️ 
            Wishing u all the best for ur future too!
            Take Care <33


So, here we go... (For the people who don't know what happened, check my previous announcements)
          A few days back a person texted me here on Wattpad for collaboration on their account. For which I denied. No, offense but a person who thinks like me would deny collaboration for a STRANGER, that too on their account. But that person was hell-bent and pressurized me, listing the pros' I would get after collaboration. I lost my calm and straightforwardly denied without twisting the words. In return, the person started throwing abuses and blames at me. I blocked that person. And today, my account got hacked.
          I do not know if that was the same person but I feel it was as they did mention how rude I've been because I've followers and I would lose them and regret not collaborating.
          I don't think this is something that a sane person should do but again not all people r sane enough. This is highly despicable and I wish it doesn't happen to anyone. My all hard work might've been wasted if @sonali_nefelibata hasn't informed me on time because the hacker had already started unpublishing my stories. So the heartiest thank you to her who has been a great help in those stressful 30 mins!
          A small piece of advice to small writers who're trying to gain readers on this platform ~
          I do know how frustrating it gets when you don't gain readers even after investing every bit of your efforts into your book. But, please do understand that collaboration with someone wouldn't make your journey easier! You will shine when the right time comes♥️ Just be patient my dear and do not ever blame another writer for it. Every writer over here has their journey and everyone deserves the place they're in.
          Love u all♥️


@Happysoul1805 we all are with you dear  and we are a big virtual family 


@Happysoul1805 that's so harsh but anyways wanted to let you know I love your writing and in fact it has inspired me to write out my ideas. 


          I ain't dead by any means, LoL ༎ຶ⁠‿⁠༎ຶ♥️
          Jokes apart, this wasn't funny by any means and the shitty person whoever did this is just as ugly as their deeds. 


@Happysoul1805 Thank God you are safe.


@Happysoul1805 where are your books??? Why they are deleted 


@Happysoul1805 where are your books they got deleted 


This user is dead. A hard time for her family. Please pray and unfollow her.


@mysticalnyla yeah! She's fine but very stressed. Cause she lost access to her account.


@Happysoul1805 is she fine what happened 


            Is she OK? Is she safe?