Hello weirdos,

Welcome to my little corner of wattpad. I've been wanting to get on this train for a while but didn't really have the time to considering all that's been happening.
Anyways, I'm here now and ready to create some stories, but first a little about myself.

My names Hassan Mehmood but you can just call me Jason
Currently 16 years old
I play tennis with a slew of other activities
Love my friends and just about anybody I meet
I'm bisexual if you really needed to know
I'm really sappy and a sucker for cutesy stuff
FAIR WARNING I have a tendency to let off my "filter" while writing so you will see a lot of smut and depressing things. So if yall don't like that, you can ask me to make more lighthearted material.

Anyways that's all I can think of information I can let out.
Have a nice day and possibly drop by if you like me UwU.

"It's ok not to have any destination in mind at the time, the air you breathe out is already paradise."
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