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It’s funny seeing you guys comment shit on my story but there’ll be the occasional weird comment that I have to delete. fun.


I hope you update soon, if you ever need inspiration look on Pinterest for writing prompts, tumblers also great for that! I loved your MHA x DSMP cross-Over. Absolutely fantastic. Keep writing, you’re amazing at it’


Hello Just wanna see if ur okay Crea! It has been a while since you updated 'Mcyt x Bnha'. It was a really good story! Hopefully your doing great and you have enough time to update. Bye!
          P.S. pls do update its my fav


Luv please help me u have one of the only books that I can find abt MCYT X BNHA and sometimes I see the Blueberry insert--- scratch that I SEE IT ALL THE GOSH DARN TIME--- 
          Hell TnT


@Hyac1TH yoo! Nice plot! I'll be there! Sorry for the late reply!


@LikeableDumbass A bunch of gods decided they were bored of their lives, finding entertainment from taking people from one universe to a new one. The server's goals are to entertain the gods by taking over Japan under their rule.
            There's a reader and a lot of godsonas despite some of our wants, so yeah....