Hi! I'm Briar
If you've been followed by this account it means that I would like to support you and follow you but have simply run out of following slots on my orginial account. As following slots only go up to 1000 on a normal account.
My actual account is @Briarlight2137
Some of my Fandoms:
Warrior Cat
Harry Potter
Black Widow
Scarlet Witch
The blurb of two of my most successful books:

Chauvinism - Shadekit was a mistake, a fluke in what should have been a perfect system. Cast aside by his parents are shunned by his clan. Shadekit is almost 100% sure he won't meet the fantasy other cats call happiness. Until he meets a she-cat called Rain. Suddenly he has something to fight for, Suddenly he has a reason to stand up for his rights, Suddenly he has happiness

Damaged Goods - Maplepaw has suffered at the paws of her family and friends, however is determined to prove that your weaknesses can become your strengths. Maplepaw's no hero though, her ambitions are fueled only be fear and hate. How can one be good when there very existance is based on darkness

These books can be found in my reading list or on my account!
Have a great day!
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Hi! Briar here, if you've been followed by this account it means that I really wanted to follow/support you on my real account @Briarlight2137 or you have follwed me on my real account. I have unfort...
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