WE BROKE UP has finally reached its end!


@Idahehehe omg I just read it all. And it was sll good thanks you authormin


Author nim
          I don't know why but I can't read the story 'loved once'
          Please help me! I seriously want to read that book!(╥﹏╥)


@Idahehehe i mean whenever i open it 
            It always say 'end of the story'
            i don't know why(╥﹏╥)


I have officially completed 5 books and for the time being I wont be continuing the adaptations.
          I'm a Olevels student and if you know they have exams session's in may/june the same session's I gonna appear and for those exams that are only 1 month away I'm not for now I'm just gonna out my whole attention to them.
          I might delete wattpad from my phone but don't worry the account and books will still be there and you can read them whenever you want.
          I have my last exam on 11 May and hopefully from the following days I'll be back to adapting with some interesting books.
          And yeah if someone else is also appearing for this serious exams do let me know.
          Love you all<33
          Take care 


@Idahehehe Good luck for your exams <3


@Idahehehe i really like all of yiur adoption, but i skip a lot in seduce hehe, btw goodluck on your exam, and can't wait for your comeback and next adaptation.