Hi, my name is Josiah walker and I would really appreciate a read on my story, I usually gave all types of creative ideas running around my head but this is the first time I'm putting my thoughts on the internet really.
          To not waste anymore of your time I am a rookie writer and would love pointers and other helpful tips to improving my writing, thank you and have a nice day.


Hello there, hope you are doing great!!
          If you have time, then please do check my two stories on going on Wattpad . . .
          It would really a lot to me. Votes and comments are highly appreciated!!
          Thank you


Your process while writing this whole story 
          Like I am on a quest to start a new adventure story but find myself stuck in this porthole of ideas. I would be thankful if you could help me out 


Thanks for adding my story to your reading list. I hope you enjoy it. ~ DragonRand100